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Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form

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Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

An Oklahoma quit claim deed is a form that a person who owns a piece of property in Oklahoma can use to sell an interest in the property to another person. Because it is a quit claim deed, the seller is not necessarily obligated to provide any guarantees as to what their interest in the property is saved for their statement and whatever proof of ownership they wish to offer. These deeds are used in limited circumstances depending on the situation at hand and a fair amount of due diligence is placed on the shoulders of the grantee before he or she should enter such a conveyance. As with all deeds, the deed must be acknowledged by a notary in Oklahoma and filed with the registrar of deeds in the Oklahoma county in which the property is located.


  • Recording – A quit claim deed must be filed with the local County Clerk’s Office along with the required filing fee (varies by location).[1]
  • Signing – This form is required to be authorized by the Grantor(s) in front of a Notary Public with their acknowledgment and seal.[2]
  • Statute – 16 Okl. St. Ann. § 41


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