Oregon General Warranty Deed Form

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The Oregon general warranty deed is used to convey property in Oregon from an owner to a purchaser. This type of deed includes a guarantee from the seller that he or she owns the property, has the legal authority to sell the property and that the property is free and clear of any undisclosed claims. If it turns out that there are issues with the title, the seller is obligated to pay damages to the buyer for any damages that occur in rectifying the situation.

Laws – ORS 93.850

Mandatory Statement (ORS 93.040) – This Statement must be placed in the warranty deed to ensure the Grantor(s) is aware of their rights.

Recording – This form is to be submitted in the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of where the property is located (See County List).

Signing (ORS 93.410) – Must be signed with the Grantor(s) in front of a Notary Public to act as witness.

How to Write

Step 1 – Fill in to whom the document should be sent after it is recorded.

Step 2 – Include the tax address.

Step 3 – Insert the names and address of the grantor (seller) and grantee (buyer).

Step 4 – Add the name of the county in which the property is located.

Step 5 – Add the legal description and attach as Exhibit A

Step 6 – Fill in the consideration paid for the property.

Step 7 – Specify if there are any restrictions or easements.

Step 8 – Execute the document in front of a notary and have the notary sign the acknowledgment.

Step 9 – Record the document with the local county clerk.