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Oregon Deed Forms

Updated April 12, 2024

An Oregon deed is a legally binding form used to transfer interests in real estate from one person to another. The seller of the property is typically referred to as the grantor and the buyer of the property is typically referred to as the grantee.  Deeds must have the names of the grantor and grantee, the consideration paid for the property and other statutory language before it is accepted for recording at the county clerk’s office. Prior to closing, it may be prudent to have a property search completed on the title of the property so that the buyer has a full understanding of what rights he or she will have in the property.

Laws – Title 10, Chapter 93. Conveyancing and Recording

Recording – A deed should be filed at the Recorder’s Office in the County where the property is located (See List of County Offices).[1]

Required Disclosure – A mandatory statement of disclosure must be written in all deeds filed in the State of Oregon.[2]

Signing – All deeds that are to be signed in Oregon are to be authorized in the presence of a Notary Public.[3]

Deed Types (4)

General Warranty – Guarantees the conveyance of a clear title as well as the grantor’s authority and right to sell the property. If any title issues or illegalities arise, the grantor will be liable to the grantee for any damages.

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Quit Claim – Offers no guarantee from the grantor as to their authority to sell. This type is used in specific situations in which a guarantee is not necessary.

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Special Warranty – Guarantees a limited warranty specific to the time the grantor owned the property but not prior.

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Transfer on Death – Transfers ownership of property without probate.

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Oregon Property Search (4 steps)

When completing a deed it is best to have the correct information for the recording. To get the most accurate details it is best to perform a search of the property by going to your local Assessor or County Recorder’s Office which most can be found online.

Step 1

Go to this public records database and select the county where the real estate is located.

oregon public records list of counties

Step 2

For this example we will use Harner County, when you have the selection of links be sure to click the one that will show the Recorder’s information.

harney county recorder clerk online link

Step 3

On the Harner County Property Search Page you will be able to conduct a search by Document Type, the Grantor’s Name, or Block and Lot (Location).

harney county recorder clerk document search fields

Step 4

After entering your query you will be presented with all matching properties like in the image below.

harney county recorder clerk document search results

Simply click on the blue document number and you will be re-directed to all the information about the property.


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