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Oregon Special Warranty Deed Form

Oregon Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

An Oregon special warranty deed is a legal document transferring an interest in a property from an owner to another person. This is a warranty deed, but the warranty is limited to the time frame involving seller’s ownership of the property. There is no guarantee of any clarity of title of previous owners and grantor is only liable for issues arising out of grantor’s ownership of the property.

Laws – Title 10, Chapter 93. Conveyancing and Recording

Statutory Form – O.R.S. § 93.855

Recording – Deeds are to be submitted to the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of where the property is located (See County List).[1]

Signing – Must be signed with the Grantor(s) in front of a Notary Public to act as a witness.[2]

How to Write

Download: PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument

I. Recorded Document Recipient

(1) Recipient Of Filed Oregon Paperwork. The full name of the Party that should be sent this paperwork upon its successful filing must be presented with his or her mailing address. Use the first line of this page to display this information.

II. Tax Statement Recipient

(2) Oregon Property Tax Recipient. Display the legal name and address of the Party who should receive all tax information, requests, and actions regarding the Oregon real property on the second line.

III. Oregon Property Owner As Grantor

(3) Oregon Grantor Of Real Property. The current Holder or Owner of the Oregon real estate will be named as the Grantor as this statement begins. Furnish the Oregon Property Owner’s name to the first blank line of the delivered statement. This enables the Oregon Property Owner to release real estate to another Party through this document’s filing.

(4) Oregon Grantor Address. The residential (or home) address of the Oregon Grantor should be submitted once he or she has been identified. Make sure this is an address where legal notices or inquiries regarding this document may be received by the concerned Oregon Grantor.

IV. Oregon Property Buyer As Grantee

(5) Name Of Oregon Grantee. The Oregon Party that expects to use this filing to claim the ownership rights to the Oregon Grantor’s real estate will need to be identified by name. Seek out the label “Name Of Grantee Here,” then produce each Oregon Grantee’s legal name.

(6) Address Of Oregon Grantee. Document the Oregon Grantee’s home address.

V. Oregon Real Property

(7) Oregon County. The real property is required to be within the state lines of Oregon. Therefore, deliver a report on which Oregon County the real property that will be released to the Grantee is located in.

(8) Oregon Legal Description. The legal description of the Oregon real property held by the County Recorder’s Office may be found from the last registry of this real estate as well as the deed that was most recently filed. Locate this legal description then reproduce it (word for word) to the space available.


VI. Consideration Paid For Oregon Property

(9) Payment For Oregon Conveyance Of Property. The dollar amount the Oregon Grantor was paid for the real property’s release to the Oregon Grantee requires documentation. This should be the full amount that was agreed upon to release the property rather than a down payment. Many would strongly suggest that the Oregon Grantor not release ownership unless full payment has been submitted or a valid binding agreement is in place (with the participation of a qualified professional) between these two Parties to ensure that any future payments owed are submitted in a timely fashion.

VII. Status Of Oregon Property

(10) Liens And Encumbrances On Oregon Real Property. Any liens that are currently in place on the property as well as any taxes owed, debts, defects, or damages of any nature that effect the real property and are known to the Oregon Property Grantor must be reported. This is mandatory. While the Oregon Property Owner will only grant his or her current status with the property to the Grantee, the current financial and physical encumbrances on the property must be documented.

VIII. Execution Of Oregon Property Transfer

(11) Calendar Date Of Oregon Grantor Signature. The information above can only be filed with the Oregon County Clerk if a dated and notarized signature is submitted to this deed by the Oregon Grantor. Therefore, at the time of signing, the Oregon Grantor must furnish a record of the current date.

(12) Oregon Grantor Signature. Now that this document is completed and dated the Oregon Grantor will have to sign his or her name under the guidance of a Notary Public.

(13) Oregon Notary Public. The notarization of the Oregon Grantor’s signature should be demonstrated by the Notary Public to the final area.


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  2. O.R.S. § 93.410