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Oregon Quit Claim Deed Form

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Oregon Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

An Oregon quit claim deed is used to convey property interests in Oregon, but unlike a warranty deed, does not guarantee the seller’s ownership in the property, their authority to sell the property, or whether there are other claims or interests in the property. A grantor of a quit claim deed is not liable to the buyer if any issues arise concerning the title or legality of the sale, they are merely releasing whatever claims they have to the property. Purchasers or grantees should perform due diligence by completing a Title Search if there are any doubts about the Seller’s claim. In fact, such checks should be done as a standard practice. This is because there may be claims to this property outside of the grantor’s knowledge. It should be noted the language in this document is geared strictly for an exchange between two parties regarding consideration for a claim thus, in such events, the grantor would not necessarily be held liable.


  • Recording – The quit claim deed is filed with the Recorder’s Office located within the County Court Clerk’s Office (See List of County Offices). There is a fee that is associated with the recording with every jurisdiction being different. It is best to contact your Recorder’s Office to find out the fee before submission.[1]
  • Signing – This form must be signed with the Grantor(s) and a Notary Public together.[2]
  • StatuteO.R.S. § 93.865
  • Required Statement – This disclaimer is required to be in all deeds filed in the State of Oregon for the Grantor(s) to understand their action when signing the form.[3]


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