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Rhode Island Special Warranty Deed Form

Rhode Island Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated July 18, 2023

A Rhode Island special warranty deed transfers the ownership of real property while making the guarantee of no liens or encumbrances during the grantor’s period. The grantee will be responsible for any outstanding liabilities on the property prior to the grantor’s ownership.

After the deed is notarized by both parties, it must be filed at the Land Evidence Records Office.

Laws – Title 34 (Property), Chapter 11 – Form and Effect of Conveyances

Recording (Gen. Laws 1956, § 34-11-1) – All deeds are to be in writing and recorded in the local Land Evidence Records Office.

Signing (Gen. Laws 1956, §§ 34-11-134-11-1.1) – Must be signed with the Grantor(s) in the presence of a Notary Public.


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I. Rhode Island Statement Preparation

(1) Rhode Island Preparer. The start of this statement will seek the full name of whoever has physically dispensed information to this document in preparation of its signing. The first line of the header seeks the legal name of this Party (Preparer).

(2) Rhode Island Preparer Address. If any clerical issues require clarification, the Preparer will have to be contacted. Therefore, use the three lines provided to present his or her business or mailing address.

II. Recipient Of Registered Information

(3) Determined Recipient. The final destination of this document will be the Party the Rhode Island Land Evidence Records Office releases it to after filing this deed. For this act, the full name of the determined Recipient of the filed New Jersey document must be presented.

(4) Mailing Address For Authorized Recipient. Now that the final target of this document’s filing has been named. Inform the Rhode Island Land Evidence Department where this paperwork should be mailed once the registration process is complete. Notice that the street address, state, and zip code must all be displayed separately.

III. Rhode Island Grantor

(5) Rhode Island Property Owner Name. The Owner of Rhode Island real property is the first topic that will be discussed. Submit the Rhode Island Grantor’s name where it is needed to supplement the first statement made.

(6) Rhode Island Address. The Rhode Island street address as well as the names of the County and State of the Grantor’s home are required entries to this statement as these items will aid in establishing the identity of the Rhode Island Property Owner releasing his or her real property as the Grantor. If more than one Rhode Island Grantors have been named earlier in this statement, each of their residential addresses will be required entries as well.

IV. Sum Of Consideration

(7) Payment Submitted For Rhode Island Property. The payment the Rhode Island Grantor received for the real estate requires recording. The Rhode Island property payment should be written out and displayed numerically. Two distinct areas are available so this information can be documented properly.

V. Rhode Island Grantee

(8) Rhode Island Grantee Name. The Rhode Island Property Buyer that will take over the property as a result of this document’s action will have to be named so that he or she can properly do so. A record of this Party’s entire legal name will be needed in this statement. Once this document is signed and filed, whoever has been named as the Rhode Island Grantee will be able to take over the Grantor’s property ownership.

(9) Address Of Rhode Island Grantee. The full address where the Rhode Island Grantee’s home is located will need its presentation to be made across the three spaces requesting his or her street address, County, then State.

VI. Rhode Island Property

(10) Rhode Island County. The real property is required to be located in the State of Rhode Island. To better define this property, identify which Rhode Island County it is found in by recording this County’s name.

(11) Rhode Island Legal Description. The officially filed legal description of the Rhode Island Property should be obtained from the deed that is currently in effect (before this document is signed) or directly from the Rhode Island Land Evidence Department. After obtaining this legal description dispense it to this document precisely as it is written in its registered language.

VII. Notarized Signing Of Rhode Island Grantor

(12) Rhode Island Grantor Signature. The purpose of this document will be a release of ownership over Rhode Island property. Since the Rhode Island Grantor will release all his or her claim on the property and will relinquish ownership of it, he or she will need to provide a verifiable signature. The State of Rhode Island, therefore, requires the act of signing that must be performed to be done so with the participation of a Notary Public. Once the Rhode Island Grantor and Notary Public have gathered, the Rhode Island Grantor should sign then print his or her name to prove his or her intent to release the property to the Grantee(s) named in this document.

(13) Address Of Rhode Island Grantor. Part of this signing’s requirement will be that the Rhode Island Grantor submit a production of his or her home address when signing this document.

(14) Notarization Of Rhode Island Signing. The Notary Public who has gathered with the Rhode Island Grantor will work to prove the notarization process has been engaged. Proof of this process will be submitted by the Notary Public directly to this document using its final section.