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South Dakota Quit Claim Deed Form

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South Dakota Quit Claim Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A South Dakota quit claim deed is a form that documents the transference of property from one party to another. This is an informal manner of transferring Property between parties with an informal relationship (i.e. family members). This form must Name the Parties Involved, the Property being transferred, the Price of this transfer and must bear the Grantor Signature. This document must be notarized or proved by one (1) witness, and if recorded with the South Dakota County Recorder serving the Property’s County, it must be presented with a Certificate of Value. It should be mentioned that beyond this, individual counties will have submission guidelines and fees unique to the County.


  • Certificate of Real Estate Value – Required to be attached to the quit claim deed when submitting for recording.[1]
  • Recording – A quit claim deed must be submitted to the County Recorder’s Office along with the fee associated with the filing. It is best to contact the Recorder’s Office before your arrival to find out the exact fee amount (varies by County).[2]
  • Signing – All quit claim deeds are to be signed in front of a Notary Public or a single subscribing witness (Grantor(s) sign only).[3]
  • StatuteSDCL § 43-25-7


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