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Utah Special Warranty Deed Form

Utah Special Warranty Deed Form

Updated April 12, 2024

A Utah special warranty deed allows for the ownership transfer of real estate with the guarantee that no claims have been made during the grantor’s period. The grantee will be responsible for any claims made prior to the grantor’s ownership.

Laws – Title 57 (Real Estate), Chapter 1 – Conveyances

Statutory Form – U.C.A. 1953 § 57-1-12.5

Recording – Must be submitted and filed with the County Recorder’s Office (See County List).

Signing – Must be signed with the Grantor(s) in the presence of a Notary Public.[1]

Water Rights Addenda – Required to be filed alongside the deed when recording.[2]

How To Write

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I. Preparation Of Utah Conveyance Statement

(1) Preparer Of Utah Declaration. This deed’s preparation will need to be conducted by a named Party. Since the information produced will effect a legal transfer of property (once signed), the Utah Statement Preparer’s identity should be documented at the beginning of this document.

(2) Preparer Business Address. The complete business address of the Utah Statement Preparer must be displayed. Submit this required information as a street address, state, and zip code where requested in the first header section.

II. Post-Recording Destination

(3) Recipient Of Registered Declaration. The Utah County Recorder handling the registration of this deed will release it to a Recipient that the Grantor approves. The name of the Post-Recording Recipient is needed by the Utah County Recorder for this task on the first available line of the “Recording Return” section.

(4) Utah Recipient’s Mailing Address. The mailing address of the Utah Post-Recording Recipient should be dispensed for the County Recorder’s using the next three lines.

III. Utah Property Seller

(5) Utah Property Seller Identity. The Seller of the Utah real property is the Entity that shall use this document’s execution to release real estate ownership to a predetermined Party. Generally, this transaction occurs as the result of a property sale. Since this conveyance statement is the result of this transaction, the Utah Property Seller must be presented as the Grantor in the first statement.

(6) Address Of Utah Grantor. The physical street address where the Utah Grantor lives will be needed with his or her County and State.

IV. Submitted Consideration For Utah Property

(7) Payment Of Utah Real Property. The transaction behind the Utah real property transfer is a required presentation for the action being taken. The dollar amount received by the Utah Grantor in exchange for the real property must be documented in writing on the space before the parentheses then supplied numerically within the parentheses.

V. Utah Grantee

(8) Utah Property Grantee. The Utah Property Purchaser or Buyer will (in the majority of cases) be the Party considered the Grantee in this deed. The Utah Grantee who shall possess the right to use this document to take ownership of Utah property must be named in the transfer statement in order to have the right to do so. Any Party not designated as a Utah Grantee in this paperwork will not be given authorization to take over ownership of the Utah real property from the Grantor using this document therefore, make sure the full name of each Party allowed to use this paperwork as the Utah Grantee is presented in this declaration.

(9) Address Of Utah Grantee. It is crucial to this instrument that every Utah Grantee being granted the right to claim ownership over the Utah real property is clearly identified. For this effect, document the entire home address of every Utah Grantee. Notice that several spaces will enable each address line to be presented separately.

VI. Legal Utah Property Description

(10) Utah County Of Concern. Produce the name of the Utah County where the real property is found.

(11) Utah Legal Description. A record of the current legal description of the Utah property is requested in the next area of this statement. This material can be found on the deed most recently registered with the Utah County Recorder’s Office.

VII. Signature Action Of Utah Grantor

(12) Utah Signature Requirement. The State of Utah will only accept a transfer of the Property Seller’s real property through this declaration if the Utah Grantor named above signs his or her name. This requirement must be satisfied by every Utah Grantor identified in this document. Furthermore, the Utah Grantor’s signature must be done with a Notary Public holding a current and active license to submit signature actions to the notarization process.

(13) Utah Grantor Information. After the signing of his or her name, every Utah Grantor will be expected to present his or her printed name and address.

VIII. Notary Public

(14) Verification Of Utah Grantor Signing. This paperwork’s execution will need to be carried out by the Grantor named with it. The Notary Public present will verify the identity(ies) of the Signature Parties, then confirm the date and location of the signing.


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