Wisconsin Quit Claim Deed Form | Bar Version Form 3-2003

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The Wisconsin Quit Claim Deed is a standard form that may be utilized when a Grantor transfers Property to a Grantee. The Wisconsin Register of Deeds does not require this filing however, in the case where two separate individuals wish to claim a Property with this form, the initial filer will take precedence. This form will provide the structure for the basic requirements however additional paperwork may be specified in different cases or different Counties. If there are any questions regarding the process, it may be a wise precaution to seek a consultation with an appropriately licensed professional. This document must be filed with the Register of Deeds in the same County as that of the Property.

Laws – § 706.10(4)

Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) – All quit claim deeds filed in the State of Wisconsin must have this electronic form attached when submitting to the County Register of Deeds (See Instructions).

Recording – The Quit Claim Deed must be filed at the County Register of Deeds.

Signing (§ 706.06) – Required to be signed with the Grantor(s) and a Notary Public.

State Bar Version

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How to Write

Step 1 – To download a Wisconsin Quit Claim Deed click on one of the buttons on the right. Click on the first one to download a PDF version, the second one to download an ODT version, or the third one to download a MS Word version.

Step 2 – The top of this page contains three areas. The area on the right is placed for the exclusive use of the Wisconsin Register of Deeds. On the left the Full Name and the Complete Address of the person preparing this paperwork must be presented. You may report this on the first and second lines respectively. Next, on the fourth line find the term “State” and report the State in the Preparer’s Address. Then fill in the Zip Code in the Preparer’s Address where the term “Zip Code” appears.

Step 3 – The second area at the top of the page, “After Recording Return To” should have the Address where the Wisconsin Register of Deeds may return materials from this submission. There will be several lines, labeled by the information required, in this section: “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code.” Make sure the information input here is a valid Mailing Address.

Step 4 – Just below the phrase “State of Wisconsin,” enter the Wisconsin County the Property is legally situated in.

Step 5 – The paragraph in the center of the page will begin by requiring you to report several facts pertaining to the Property transference occurring as a result of this document being submitted. The first available space will require you to write how much money the Grantor must be Paid while the second space will require you to define this exact same amount as a number.

Step 6 – The next focus of this form will be aimed at defining the participating Parties. The Grantor will be the individual granting the Claim or Interest in the Property being transferred and the Grantee is the individual receiving this claim or interest. First, define the Grantor’s Name on the first available blank line after the parentheses. The next available space requires the word “Grantor” to be presented on it.

Step 7 – The next term requiring attention is “residing at.” On the blank space after this term, report the Grantor’s Residential Address. Then you must fill in the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Grantor’s Residential Address on the blank line following the appropriate term.

Step 8 – The next participating Party to be defined will be the Grantee. Find the exact wording “quitclaims to” then supply the Grantee’s full Legal Name and the exact phrase “Grantee” on the two spaces following this wording. The Grantee information must continue after the statement “residing at.” Use the blank space after this to report the Grantee’s Residence Address. Similarly, report the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Grantee’s Residence Address on the spaces provided after each of these terms.

Step 9 – Now that we have supplied the Money and Parties involved with this Wisconsin Quit Claim Deed, we must define the Property further. Find the statement with the exact wording “to the following described real estate, situated in” and enter the Name of the Wisconsin County where the Property is located.

Step 10 – Once all the information in this paragraph has been entered, you must now use the blank lines below it to present the Legal Address of the Property. In addition to this, a Complete Legal Description of the Property must be fully reported. This description should be exactly as it appears in Wisconsin State Records.

Step 11 – The next page will provide designated areas so that Grantors involved may Sign this document in the presence of a Notary Public. The top of this page contains two columns, each assigned for one Grantor. There will be a line designated for each of these labels: “Grantors Signature,” “Grantor’s Name,” “Address,” and “City, State & Zip.” It should be noted “Grantor’s Name” will require the Grantor’s Printed or Typed Name. The Notary will utilize the lower half of this page to report on the County, Individuals, and Date defining the Grantor Signing.The Notary will also notarize the current document with his/her Notary Identification Number, Commission Expiration, and Seal necessary.

Step 12 – The governing body you must submit the completed form to will be the Wisconsin Register of Deeds servicing the County where the Property is physically found. The Wisconsin County where the Property is found will likely have unique requirements (compared to other Counties). In the interest of due diligence and a smoother filing process, contact the Wisconsin County’s Register of Deeds to obtain the rules, regulations, guidelines, and/or fees that must be satisfied in that County prior to submission.