West Virginia Quit Claim Deed Form

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The West Virginia Quit Claim Deed form is a useful method for registering an informal transferring of Property. This document provides the basic information that needs be covered along with the Signature Lines for two Grantors and two Witnesses. In West Virginia, the Grantor Signing of this form must be done before two witnesses and must be Notarized. It should be kept in mind that West Virginia Counties will have their own requirements which must be satisfied. Therefore, it is generally recommended to seek a consultation with the West Virginia County Clerk, in the Property’s County, regarding the specific requirements of that county prior to submitting this form.

Laws – § 36-3-5

RecordingCounty Court Clerk’s Office

Signing (§ 39-1-2) – Two (2) Witnesses or a Notary Pubic

How to Write

Step 1 – The buttons on the right side of this page, each labeled with the file type it makes available may be used to download a blank copy of the West Virginia Quit Claim Deed. You may download this form as a “PDF,” “ODT,” or “Word” document.

Step 2 – The area titled “Prepared By” calls for some specific information to Identify the individual who shall document the information required on this form. The first line, “Name,” calls for the Full Name of the Preparer to be input. The second line, “Address,” must have the Address of the Preparer input. The fourth line calls for two components of the Address reported: the State and Zip Code.

Step 3 – Find the area called “After Recording Return To.” Here you will need to provide a presentation of the “Name,” “Address,” “State,” and “Zip Code” where successfully filed paperwork may be returned.

Step 4 – The first statement requiring attention will seek to define the Date of the conveyance. This will be done across three spaces. On the first space after the term “This Deed is made this,” report the Calendar Date of the Signing of this document. Then on the space following the words “day of,” report the Month this document is being signed. Finally, on the blank line after the expression “in the year 20,” report the Year this document is being signed.

Step 5 – Next, you will need to report the Cost or Consideration the Grantee must submit to the Grantor for the Property Claim, Interest, or Title. This value must be reported in two different manners. On the first line of the paragraph it must be written out, then in the second area the numerical version of this amount must be entered.

Step 6 – The next section of this paragraph pertains to the Grantor of the Property. Document the full Legal Name of the individual releasing the Property concerned and the word “Grantor” on the two blank spaces following “paid to.” The next piece of information regarding the Grantor will concern the Address where the Grantor resides. The phrase “residing at” will be followed by a space where you must report this Address. Then you must use the next blank lines provided to name the “County of,” “City of,” and “State of” the Address where the Grantor resides.

Step 7 – The blank space following the phrase “the following described real estate, situated in” requires the Name of the West Virginia County where the Property is located. The next area will provide some space to document the Legal Address of this Property along with the Legal Description of this Property. You may add an attachment with this information, if there is not enough room.

Step 8 – The second page of this document will contain several sections which must be completed by very specific parties. The first and foremost being the Grantor of the Property at hand. Find the blank space captioned with the term “Grantor’s Signature.” The Grantor must Sign this line then Print his or her Name on the line below. This must be completed with a report on the Grantor’s Address. Two separate lines have been designated for this (“Address” and “City, State & Zip”).

Step 9 – The West Virginia Quit Claims Deed will provide room for the two Witness Signature required by this document. As with the Grantor Signature area, Witnesses must Sign and Print their Names, then provide an Address on the appropriately labeled spaces in the “In Witness Whereof” section.

Step 10 – Both Signature Parties, the Grantor and the Witnesses, must Sign this document in the presence of a Notary Public. There will be a specific area on the second page (below “State of West Virginia”) where the Notary Public may verify the County, People and Signature Date relevant to this document. Additionally the Notary Public will notarize the current West Virginia Quit Claims Deed with his or her Notary Public Number, Commission Expiration, and Notary Seal.

Step 11 – The Counties in West Virginia will have set of requirements and fees that apply to the filing of a West Virginia Quit Claim Deed. Contact the West Virginia County Clerk Office that serves the County where the Property is situated to obtain specific information regarding that County’s filing process. Make sure the requirements of this county are fulfilled by the time of submission.