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Department of Defense (DoD) Forms

Updated October 10, 2023

Department of Defense (DoD) forms are used by federal agencies and by branches of the military for a multitude of purposes that include the gathering, tracking, and dissemination of information, approval of requests, and the management of benefits and privileges. In addition to the Inspector General and the Secretary of Defense, DoD forms are used by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Coast Guard.

Table of Contents

Popular Forms

DD Form 1172-2 – Application for Identification Cards/DEERS Enrollment

Download: PDF



SF Form 180 – Request Pertaining to Military Records

Download: PDF



DD Form 93 – Record of Emergency Data

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DD Form 2656 – Data for Payment of Retired Personnel

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DD Form 1351-2 – Travel Voucher or Subvoucher

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DD Form 368 – Request for Conditional Release

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Types of DoD Forms

Personnel — used for personnel records, discharge documents, and veterans affairs

Finance — for military and civilian expenditures and reimbursements, requests for purchase

Logistics — includes forms used for shipping and receiving, and convoy movements

Legal — used by military courts and prisons