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Form DD 1172-2

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Form DD 1172-2

Updated May 01, 2024

Form DD 1172-2 (the Application for Identification Cards / DEERS Enrollment) is used by eligible individuals to obtain or renew Department of Defense ID cards and to enroll in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Enrollment in DEERS is required before DoD access, benefits, and privileges are granted.

Table of Contents

Supplemental Documentation

When submitting Form 1172-2, applicants are required to include documents that establish their identity, relationship to sponsor, social security or TIN number, and duty status, as necessary. The specific types of documents required will vary based on the individual circumstances of each applicant.[1]


Image showing US Passport and Social Security Card.

All adult applicants, including children over 18, must provide two original forms of identification (identity source documents).[2] Identity source documents may not be expired or canceled. If an individual’s name differs on their primary and secondary identity source documents, certified evidence of a formal name change is required.

The Department of Defense Common Access Card web page offers an informational PDF that details what Accepted Forms of Identification are.

Form DD 214

Former members of the military and 100% disabled veterans must include Form DD 214 (or an acceptable substitution) with their completed Form DD 1172-2.

Copies of Form DD 214 can be obtained from The National Archives by submitting an electronic request via their Online Service Records Request page or with a written request by completing form Form FS-180 and following the instructions on the Request Military Personnel Records Using Standard Form 180 page.

The National Archives prioritizes requests for Form DD 214. If an applicant requests only Form DD 214, a response will be given within about ten days. Other requests and requests for Form DD 214 that include additional items may not receive a response for several months.[3]

Form DD 220

Reserve members that have been ordered to active duty must include Form DD 220 (or an acceptable substitution) with their application.

Replacement copies of Form DD 220 can be obtained by speaking with personnel at the service member’s duty station.

Form DD 577

Form DD 577 is required for applicants that will complete Section III of their Form DD 1172-2. This section is completed by personnel that have been appointed to a position with defined responsibilities. A Form DD 577 must be on file at the issuing site for Common Access Card (CAC) applicants using form Form DD 1172-2 for enrollment.


If the applicant was born outside of the United States, certificate FS-240, Consular Report of Birth Abroad may be required to establish proof of birth as a substitute for a US birth certificate.

Replacement copies can be obtained by contacting the US Embassy or Consulate for the region where the birth took place.

Required Documents

Depending upon each applicant’s individual circumstances and relationship to the Sponsor, documents in addition to the above may be required.[4] These can include:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage or divorce decree
  • proof of enrollment in Medicare Part B
  • name change decree

Where to Submit

Individual standing in front of a building with form DD 1172-2 about to walk in.

Applications may be submitted electronically or in person at a RAPIDS (ID Card Office) site.

How to Sign

Applicants should not sign this form until instructed to do so. Form 1172-2 may be signed in one of several ways:

  • Signed electronically using the ID Card Office Online (with CAC or DS logon)
  • Signed in person at any RAPIDS site.
  • Signed and verified by a notary.
  • Signed using a power of attorney.

Signatures that do not adhere to one of the methods above are likely to cause delays in the application process.


Is Form 1172 the same as Form 1172-2? 

Sometimes, DoD Form 1172-2 is referred to simply as form “1172”. However, the official Directives Division designation for this form is DD 1172-2.

Is enrollment in DEERS required before registration for Tricare?

Yes. In order to establish eligibility for benefits like Tricare, individuals and family members must first be enrolled in DEERS.

Which type of DoD ID card is Form 1172-2 used to apply for?

This form is used to apply for:

  • (DD 2) Armed Forces of the United States Geneva Conventions Identification Card (reserve)
  • (DD 2) United States Uniformed Services Identification Card (Reserve Retired)
  • (DD 2) United States Uniformed Services Identification Card (Retired)
  • (DD 1173-1S) United States Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (Reserve Dependent)
  • (DD 1173S) United States Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card (Dependent)
  • (DD 2764S) United States DoD/Uniformed Services Civilian Geneva Conventions Identification Card
  • (DD 2765) Department of Defense Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card
  • (CAC) Common Access Card for eligible individuals who are not enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

The type of identification card the applicant receives depends upon their relationship to the Sponsor.


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  4. Which Forms are Required