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Job Application Form – Standard Template

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The job application form is used mainly for service industry positions such as retail and restaurants. The application provides a snapshot of an individual’s personal information, employment eligibility, education, references, employment history, military service, and ask if he or she would consent, if asked, do a background check. The applicant will be required to authorize a declaration that certifies the information provided is true and accurate.

Background Check Consent – If the employer would like to follow-up and conduct a background check to verify if the applicant has a criminal history.

Cover Letter – Recommended being given to an employer as a way to personalize the application and state your case to meet. It also allows the applicant to give their backstory and state why he or she is best for the position.

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How to Fill Out a Job Application

Download in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt).

1 – Open And Download The Employment Application Presented On This Page

The application on this page can be saved to your machine by clicking one of the buttons captioning the image on this page or one of the links above. You may choose whichever format that you wish to work with. Naturally, you will want to consider one of the formats most compatible with the software environment on your machine. If you are supplying this paperwork to a prospective employee, you have the option of opening it with an up-to-date browser then printing it.

2 – The Prospective Employee’s Personal Information Should Be Presented

As the Applicant, you will need to begin filling out this form with the “Personal Information” section. Locate the first blank line then use it to report your “Full Name.” Notice, this line has some additional labels. These labels will give a distinct area for your “First,” “Middle,” and “Last” name to be presented.  The current calendar date should be recorded on the blank space adjacent to your name. Next, present your full home “Address” on the next two rows. This area will have several labeled areas requesting your “Street Address,” “Apt/Suite,” “City,” “State,” and “Zip Code” can be clearly reported. The next two blank spaces, “E-Mail” and “Phone,” will both require your up-to-date contact information furnished to them. Next, produce your “Social Security Number (SSN)” on the next row using the three formatted blank spaces. Report when you are available to start working on “Date Available.” Enter how much you wish to be paid on the blank space labeled “Desired Pay.” You must indicate if this pay rate is hourly or salaried by marking the “Hour” or “Salary” checkbox. 

Document the name of the job you are applying for on the blank space labeled “Position Applied For.”  The final row in this section contains three checkboxes. Mark the first checkbox if you seek “Full-Time” employment, the second checkbox for “Part-Time” employment, or the third checkbox if you are applying for “Seasonal” employment.

3 – A Discussion On The Applicant’s Eligibility To Work Is Required

The next section, titled “Employment Eligibility,” seeks some information defining your qualifications for the position you are applying for. Locate the first question then mark the “Yes” checkbox if you are a citizen of the United States of America or mark the “No” checkbox if you are not a United States Citizen. The next question should only be answered if you are not a citizen. If you are not a citizen but you can work in the U.S.A., then mark the first checkbox. If not, then mark the second checkbox.

If you have worked for this Employer previously, then mark the first box on the third line in this section. If you have never worked for this Employer before then mark the second box. The next line will only apply if you have previously worked for this Employer. If so, then report the first and last calendar dates of your employment for this entity on the blank line following the words “…Start And End Dates.” If you have a Felony conviction in your past, then mark the first checkbox after the word “Felony.” If you do not, then mark the “No” box. If you have a Felony conviction on your record then, give some details regarding what that conviction is and any explanation that should accompany this information.

4 – The Academic Credentials Of The Applicant Must Be Documented

The “Education” section will focus on your academic experience. A few areas to report the institutions you attended have been provided for a clean presentation of this information. Begin by entering the name of your “High School” on the first blank line along with the “City/State” where it is located on the second blank space. Once you have reported this information, mark either the “Yes” box or the “No” box after the word “Graduate?” to indicate if you successfully gained a high school diploma. Supply your graduating major after the word “Diploma.” If you have attended a university, then supply this institution’s name to the blank space attached to the label “College.” Make sure to supply the “City/State” where your university is located is furnished on the next blank space. Below this, record the first calendar date you attended the university (on the line labeled “From”) and the last calendar date when you attended this institution on the line labeled “To.” Finally, mark the “Yes” box or the “No” box to indicate if you graduated and record the official title of your “Degree” (if applicable). Two additional sections, each beginning with the label “Other,” have been supplied so that you may report additional degrees or certificates that you have attained. In each of these sections, you must report the name of the institution you attended on the “Other” line, the “City/State” where it is located, the calendar dates you attended the university, and the degree you earned.

5 – A Report On The Prospective Employee’s Experience Must Be Completed

The “Previous Employment” section will need some information regarding your employment history. Use the blank space after the label “Employer 1” to disclose the name of the entity you currently work for or the name of the last entity you worked for. Next, you will need to provide the “E-Mail,” “Phone,” and “Address” where this Employer can be reached. In addition to the name and location of this entity, you will need to report the amount this Employer paid you when first hired on the blank line labeled “Starting Pay” making sure to mark the “Hour” or “Salary” checkbox to indicate if you paid on an hourly or salaried basis. Continue this report by recording how much you were last paid by this entity on the line labeled “Ending Pay.” If you are currently employed here, then report how much you make now. If not, then record how much you were paid when the position terminated. Remember to indicate if you were paid by the “Hour” or on “Salary.” Now we will give some additional information regarding your employment with this entity. Produce your official “Job Title” and a brief summary of your “Responsibilities” on the next two blank spaces. If this is not your current Employer, then give your “Reason For Leaving” on the last blank space of this area. The next two areas, beginning with the labels “Employer 2” and “Employer 3,” should each be filled out with the same relative information for the last two entities you worked for before the one you reported above. Report Employer 2 as the most recent of these and Employer 3 as the oldest of these entities.

6 – References To Verify Applicant Qualities Should Be Made Available

The next area, titled “References,” requires a roster of the individuals who are willing to act as a good reference for you. That is, the people you document here will likely be contacted by the Human Resources Department of your potential Employer and asked several questions regarding your work habits. Ideally, you will have worked with everyone you list here. Use the spaces provided to list the “Full Name,” “Relationship,” “Company,” “Title,” “E-Mail,” and “Phone” of three individuals willing to act as a positive professional reference for you when contacted by the potential Employer.

7 – A Definition To The Prospective Employee’s Military Standing Is Requested

Your status with the Military will be handled in “Military Service.” If you are a Veteran, then mark the first checkbox in this section. If not, then mark the second checkbox. You should only proceed to the next lines in this section if you answered “Yes.” Thus, if you were a member of the Military then you should report the “Branch” you served, your “Rank At Discharge,” the first and last calendar dates when you served, and the “Type Of Discharge” on your record. If you were dishonorably discharged then, provide the reason on the blank space labeled “If Not Honorable, Please Explain.”

8 – The Applicant Must Prove His Or Her Consent To And Verification Of This Paperwork

As a rule of thumb, potential Employers will require a background check to be performed however, you will need to provide your consent to this process. Find the “Background Check Consent” section, then mark the checkbox labeled “Yes” to give consent. If you do not give consent, then select the “No” checkbox. It is strongly recommended that you consult with the potential Employer before selecting the “No” checkbox. Read the section labeled “Disclaimer” carefully. By signing this document, you will be agreeing to its contents. When you are ready, sign your name on the line labeled “Signature” then print your name on the line below this. You must fill in the current calendar date on the blank space labeled “Date.”