Employee of the Month Nomination Form

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Updated June 26, 2022

The Employee of the Month Nomination Form can be used to collect votes for an Employee who should receive the distinction of Employee of the Month with their Employer. Typically, entities who choose to honor employees with this distinction will have a voting procedure set in place. This form will complement, or even improve upon, such voting procedures by providing a uniform written ballot for Employee Voters. This is in the best interest of the Employer as a structured form will be easier to review and tally.

Step by Step: Selecting an Employee of the Month

With careful planning, an employee-of-the-month program can help to cultivate a positive and dedicated workplace environment. Employee recognition should be done fairly. It is incumbent on management to ensure that the processes for nominating, selecting, and rewarding standout workers are consistent and impartial.

Step 1 – Qualifying employees

The employer should decide who is eligible to become an employee of the month. This is a matter of both equity and optics, and eligibility criteria should sync with the goals of the program. If the aim is to reward committed employees and spark motivation companywide, then management, executives, and other top-level employees should probably be excluded. Similarly, many employee-recognition programs rule out contractors, temporary workers, and recent hires.

While management may feel that they are best positioned to evaluate employee performance, most workplaces opt for employee nominations. This can feel fairer to workers, and it also can help to nurture a general sense of community.

Step 2 – Grade overall performance

How will nominated employees be evaluated? It’s simple if there’s one clear standout, but a large corporation might have several quality candidates in the running for employee of the month.

Management should decide how performance metrics and popular support will factor into the final decision. This should be a consistent and transparent process – and employees should not feel that award decisions are made willy-nilly.

Step 3 – Give reasons for nomination

It is wise to communicate selection criteria prior to the nomination process. What does the company care most about? Some common examples of workplace virtues include teamwork, improvement over time, and grace under pressure.

Step 4 – Hold an award meeting

For maximum impact, the employee of the month should be celebrated in a public award meeting. Some workplaces choose to provide a gift, but in the least, the winner should be given a certificate or other tangible acknowledgement of excellence.

Again, consistency is key. Award ceremonies should not be sporadic, or otherwise seem like slapdash efforts. Employees may appreciate even small overtures if they are done with some forethought and care.

Benefits to Recognizing an Employee of the Month

A well-executed program can show employees that management cares and can help to foster worker dedication and loyalty. It may also be a tactful way to telegraph particular attributes that management wants to develop in staff, and can add some levity to otherwise tedious meetings.