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Educational Consultant Agreement Template

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Educational Consultant Agreement Template

Updated September 26, 2023

An educational consultant agreement is a legal contract binding two parties with the shared interest of exchanging educational planning services for compensation. This type of consulting job provides services related to educational techniques and technologies for schools and families. The parties bound to this agreement, the educational consultant (“consultant”) and the hiring party (“client”), will negotiate the terms and conditions of the arrangement and admit them to the written agreement. Terms such as the length of the contract, compensation amount and type of payment plan, retainer options, expenses, and termination options are fundamental articles contained within an educational consulting agreement.

What is an Educational Consultant?

An educational consultant is someone hired by a parent, a student, or an organization to optimize the progress of students, teachers, and classrooms as well as the general advancements of school systems and administration. Educational consultants are skilled in identifying problems and devising solutions and are qualified with a degree (typically a master’s degree) in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership.

Types of Educational Consultants

  • A consultant who is employed by schools and universities to advise and train faculty and administrators, improve the general learning environment for students, and correct systemic problems.
  • A consultant who is hired by an individual (either parent or student) to help them accomplish their educational goals and prepare for the admission processes of different colleges/universities/graduate schools.
  • A consultant who is sought out by private education companies to help develop learning products, tools, techniques, and technologies for student reform and higher achievement.

How Much Does an Educational Consultant Make?

Educational consultants are paid quite well as almost all of them require a master’s degree (sometimes only a bachelor’s degree is needed) and, more often than not, they have gained years of experience as teachers or administrators. The salary can fluctuate depending on the type of consulting position and the company the consultant is working for but the average annual salary falls just under $70k.

Consultant Pay

  • Salary: $63,029/yr[1]
  • Hourly Rate: $48.52/hr[2]


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