Healthcare Consulting Agreement Template

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Updated May 31, 2022

A healthcare consultant agreement conveys the terms and conditions regarding a consulting arrangement between a healthcare facility (client) and a healthcare consultant. The healthcare consultant is hired to analyze and improve upon the company’s services and profitability in exchange for compensation. The exact services provided will be laid out in the agreement along with the payment amount and schedule. Furthermore, the two parties will discuss certain conditions such as expenses, retainer, termination options, confidentiality, and liability. After all the terms have been discussed and written into the agreement, the client and consultant can sign the document and begin improving the company’s efficiency.

What is a Healthcare Consultant?

A healthcare consultant is a person who works with the staff and administration of healthcare facilities to help them improve the efficiency of their infrastructure. Much like other types of consulting positions, a healthcare consultant is trained to analyze the structure of an organization and effectively convey their findings to the company. The facility’s main goal is to provide the best quality of care (or research, development, insurance) while operating in a fiscally responsible manner. The consultant’s job is to develop strategies for the healthcare facility (be it a hospital, insurance company, research and development facility, etc.) so they can increase profitability and performance in whatever field they specialize. It is common for large companies to have a consultant on staff to sustain advancement, whereas smaller facilities may hire a consultant for a specific length of time.

Primary Duties

  • Discuss the current state of a healthcare company with the administration.
  • Analyze a company’s finances, business model, and provided services:
    • Interview staff;
    • Observe methods and services being provided;
    • Examine equipment and facilities; and
    • Investigate finances, records, plans, and procedures.
  • Provide recommendations for and introduce strategies to help improve a company’s overall efficiency.
  • Oversee the implementation of new procedures, policies, and strategies to ensure efficacy.

How Much Does a Healthcare Consultant Make?

Like most positions, the salary of a healthcare consultant will vary greatly depending on their work experience. An associate health care consultant could make around $60k annually compared to $130k annually for a managing consultant.

Healthcare Consultant Pay