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Human Resources (HR) Consultant Agreement Template

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Human Resources (HR) Consultant Agreement Template

Updated September 27, 2023

A human resources (HR) consultant agreement is a service contract between a HR specialist and their client. Once completed, the form will include all cogent details of the agreement, including services provided, compensation, payment, expenses, and the length of the term for which the consultant is being hired. Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses are also included in the document which prevents the consultant from working for a competitor or customer of the client for a defined period. Furthermore, the consultant’s status as an independent contractor and responsibility to pay taxes on all earnings is stated in the agreement as clarification and to protect the client from any liability.

Table of Contents

What is an HR Consultant?

An HR consultant is an individual who has been trained in human resources management and works as an independent contractor in this area of expertise. Generally, their job entails emplacing human resource models to ensure that the personnel of their client businesses is operating at optimum effectiveness.  This may involve instituting new company policies and procedures, ensuring that the company policy conforms to State law and regulations, as well as reorganizing company leadership. The HR consultant may also be hired for the interviewing, screening, and placement of new personnel or to mediate workplace conflicts.

How to Become an HR Consultant

There are many different types of HR certificate programs that are offered by universities, colleges, and private institutions. Although no certification is actually required to work in the field, HR training certificates will make a candidate more hireable while increasing their potential salary.

There are two (2) certification groups that are considered to be the industry standard:

How Much Does an HR Consultant Make?

The amount that an HR consultant earns as an independent contractor will vary greatly depending on their level of experience and expertise, as the nature of the service for which they are being hired. For example, the type of certification that the consultant has (Associate Professional, Professional, or Senior Professional in Human Resources) may influence the rate that they are offered or are able to demand their services.

HR Consultant Pay

  • Average Salary: $62,290/yr[1]
  • Hourly Rate: $29.95 /hr[2]


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