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IT Consultant Agreement Template

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IT Consultant Agreement Template

Updated September 27, 2023

An IT consultant agreement is a written contract between a client (individual or business entity) and an IT consultant. The IT consultant is hired by the client to provide their expertise in the field of information technology in exchange for fair compensation. This agreement should be looked over carefully by the client and consultant and completed in a manner that is fair and mutually beneficial. An IT consulting agreement includes terms such as length of agreement, compensation (amount and payment schedule), retainer (if applicable), non-compete and non-solicitation, and non-disclosure of confidential and proprietary information. When the conditions of the agreement seem acceptable to both parties, they may inscribe their signatures thereto.

What is an IT Consultant?

An IT (information technology) consultant is an individual who works in the field of computer programming, data and analysis, either independently or for a consulting firm. A person or business will hire an IT consultant to analyze their IT systems and structure, fix any problem the uncover, make improvements, or help educate them on their current system to meet specific business requirements.

Types of IT Consultants

  • Software and Systems Development and Implementation
  • Information Security
  • Computing Equipment
  • Technology/Cloud Platforms/Networking/Storage Management
  • Internet Solutions
  • Web Design

What Does an IT Consultant Make?

The salary of an IT consultant will largely depend on their role at their firm. Independent contractors who are not part of a firm will charge varying fees for their services which will be dependent on the amount of experience and the field in which they specialize. Results seem to vary depending on the source but IT consultants typically make between $60,000 – $80,000 annually.

IT Consultant Pay

  • Salary: $73,847/yr[1]
  • Hourly Pay: $36/hr[2]


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