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Sales Consultant Agreement Template

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Sales Consultant Agreement Template

Updated September 27, 2023

A sales consultant agreement is a service contract between a client and a self-employed sales consultant. The document must be filled out to reflect the terms of the work agreement, including services provided, compensation, the period during which the contract is effective, and any additional provisions such as the payment of a retainer or expenses. There are two (2) clauses that are included in the contract (the “non-compete” and “non-solicitation” clauses) that are designed to prevent the consultant from competing with the client’s business or soliciting their customers. Furthermore, the contract states the consultant’s independent contractor status and the associated liabilities and responsibilities.

What is a Sales Consultant?

A sales consultant facilitates the sale of a company’s products or services to clients, often within a certain territory or market segment. Companies will hire sales consultants either to work directly with customers or to improve the company’s sales platform and train their sales associates. To construct a successful sales strategy, the consultant must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the product being sold, as well as the client base and market potential. If the consultant is working directly with customers, they will need to keep records of their interactions and transactions, as well as follow up to ensure that all accounts and orders are up to date. Consultants will either work for sales consulting firms or as independent contractors.

How much does a Sales Consultant make?

The salary that a sales consultant is paid depends on the nature of their work and their position (for example, Junior or Senior Sales Consultant), in addition to their job experience and portfolio. If the consultant is an employee, they will often have sales targets that come with corresponding commissions and bonuses as financial incentives. For sales consultants who specialize in maximizing sales potential and improving client bases for companies, a larger hourly fee can be expected than that of an individual who is acting as a sales representative.
  • Salary: $58,820/yr[1]
  • Hourly Pay: $15.19/hr[2]


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