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Indiana Independent Contractor Agreement

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Indiana Independent Contractor Agreement

Updated February 21, 2022

An Indiana independent contractor agreement is a legally binding document signed by a business/individual and a hired independent contractor. Since a contractor is not an employee of the person/business doing the hiring, it’s important that terms and conditions be clearly defined to delineate what services are being performed, what kind of compensation is being offered, and the length of the relationship. Furthermore, the contractor has the right to perform services for other businesses, so long as they do not directly conflict or compete with the job/task at hand. The company hiring the contractor will also want to protect their confidential information (if any is to be shared with the contractor) and will therefore most likely include a non-disclosure provision. In addition to these specifications, a contractor agreement may include provisions covering insurance, termination, benefits, and taxes, to name a few.

“Independent Contractor” Definition§ 22-3-6-1(b)(7)