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Arizona Subcontractor Agreement

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Arizona Subcontractor Agreement

Updated December 19, 2022

An Arizona subcontractor agreement is a legal contract between a contractor or subcontractor and a subcontractor for a subset of work on a larger project. The contractor, also known as a general contractor or “GC”, is in charge of a construction project that requires and involves other tasks such as drywall, concrete, or plumbing work in order to complete the entire project. After the subcontractor’s work is complete, not the total project, they are to be paid unless otherwise agreed upon.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“Contractor…Includes subcontractors, specialty contractors, floor covering contractors, hardscape contractors and consultants who represent that they are able to supervise or manage a construction project for the property owner’s benefit, including hiring and firing specialty contractors, scheduling work on the project and selecting and purchasing construction material.”