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Janitorial Subcontractor Agreement

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Janitorial Subcontractor Agreement

Updated December 21, 2022

A janitorial subcontractor agreement is between a company and an individual being hired to clean commercial and residential property. The subcontractor, or ‘janitor’, is hired on strictly on a per project or case-by-case situation where they will be responsible for payment of their withholding taxes to the respective State and Federal government. The agreement will outline the scope of work, which details what the service entails, how long the cleaning is needed and when it must be completed, and the amount of money that is being offered for the work. In most cases, the subcontractor is paid after completion of the janitorial work as detailed in the agreement.

Types of Janitorial Work

Commercial Cleaning – For the recurring cleaning of an office or retail property. Mainly the interior and exterior of the structure while maintaining cleanliness throughout the building.

Industrial Cleaning – This may be for a one (1) time occurrence due to a spill or accident. The janitor will be requested to help in the cleanup efforts. In this instance, the janitor may be required to be licensed in the cleanup of the hazardous substance.

Residential Cleaning – The cleaning of larger residential facilities such as an apartment complex or condominium association. The janitor would be responsible for the washing, scrubbing, and mopping of floors and common areas.