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Massachusetts Subcontractor Agreement

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Massachusetts Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Massachusetts subcontractor agreement is used by a contractor to appoint a subcontractor to complete part of a larger project. Hiring a subcontractor can be highly beneficial as they offer an advanced set of skills dedicated to the performance of a singular field. Through this process, the primary contractor can prevent issues which can arise when a service is performed by someone less trained in a particular discipline. Using the skills of a subcontractor may also be needed to simply expedite the completion time of a project. This agreement should be drafted to outline the operating terms and other details relevant to the contractor-subcontractor relationship.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“”Subcontractor’,’ any person other than a supplier of material or labor, who enters into a contract, written or verbal, with a contractor for the performance of any part of the contractor’s contract, or who enters into a contract with any other subcontractor for the performance of any part of the subcontractor’s contract, and who does not perform work other than a subcontractor.”