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Rhode Island Subcontractor Agreement

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Rhode Island Subcontractor Agreement

Updated April 26, 2023

A Rhode Island subcontractor agreement can be used by a contractor to hire subcontractors for work on a project. The job of a subcontractor is to perform specific tasks that are part of the larger project that their contractor has been contracted to complete. Subcontractors may be hired by contractors or subcontractors, as long as the individual that is hiring has been authorized to do so by the client or prime contractor. In addition to describing the work that the subcontractor is being hired to do and how much they will be paid, the agreement must state whether any expenses will be covered, how payments will be made, and when the payments will occur. Furthermore, if the subcontractor is required to have or obtain any type of insurance, this should be made explicit in the document.

“Subcontractor” Definition

“”Contractor” means both contractors and subcontractors and including but not limited to building, electrical, plumbing, heating, painting, decorating, paper hanging, air conditioning, ventilating, insulating, sheet metal, steel, masonry, carpentry, plastering, cement, road, bridge, landscape and roofing contractors or subcontractors.”