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Delaware 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

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Delaware 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

Updated July 18, 2023

A Delaware 7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) is a document drafted by the landlord and served to a tenant when they breach one or more provisions of the rental agreement. The landlord shall notify the tenant in writing and allow the tenant seven (7) days to fix the breach. This notice does not apply to non-payment of rent. The landlord must specifically state the breach of contract and inform the tenant that if the violation continues after 7 days, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement.

If the landlord is able to help to fix the tenant’s breach, the landlord may do so and bill the tenant for the costs of the fix. The costs shall be added as additional rent and billed immediately upon receipt.

Laws25 Del.C. § 5513

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