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Iowa 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

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Iowa 7-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Compliance

Updated July 18, 2023

An Iowa 7-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) is a form used when the tenant breaches the rental agreement due to material noncompliance or a non-compliance with § 562A.17. This notice includes the ability of the landlord to describe the acts and omissions constituting the breach. Once the notice is received by the tenant, they will have no less than seven (7) days to fix the issue. If not remedied within seven (7) days the rental agreement shall terminate.

If the same breach occurs within six (6) months after the first notice, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement with seven (7) days notice without the possibility of the tenant fixing the breach which shall include the date of termination.

LawsI.C.A. § 562A.27(1)