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Idaho 3-Day Notice to Quit Form (Non-Payment of Rent)

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Idaho 3-Day Notice to Quit Form (Non-Payment of Rent)

Updated July 04, 2022

An Idaho 3-day notice to quit, or Form CAO UD 1, is a legal notice used by a landlord when a tenant fails to pay their rent on time. By law, this notice gives the tenant or subtenants the option to either pay rent in full within 3 days of receiving the notice or move out of the rental until, one of which is required. This notice may be served at any time within one year after the rent becomes due.

In terms of agricultural lands, if a tenant holds over and retains possession of the property for more than sixty days after the expiration of the lease without any demand of possession for the property, the tenant has the right to hold the property for another full year under the same terms of the previous lease and shall not be guilty of an unlawful detainer.

Affidavit of Service (I.C. § 6-304) – Must be completed after the notice to quit has been served on the Tenant.

LawsI.C. § 6-303(2)