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Eviction Notice For Illegal Activity | Notice to Quit

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An eviction notice for illegal activity is sent by a landlord within a time-frame dictated by each State to inform the tenant that they shall have to move-out due to an illegal act committed on the premises. This type of notice is not curable, meaning, the tenant has no choice but to remove themselves from the premises or face a legal eviction by the landlord (known as a forcible entry and detainer).

Notices By State

The following States have laws and a specific eviction form for unlawful actions taking place on the premises:

How to Write

If a tenant has conducted illegal activity on the premises this form should be sent to the tenant to inform them that their lease has been terminated and they should remove themselves from the property as soon as possible or within the State’s guidelines.

Step 1 – Enter the name(s) of the people that are listed on the lease followed by the address of the property. On the paragraph below the date of the signed lease should be entered and the number (#) of days the tenant has to leave the premises.

On the last line of the second (2nd) paragraph enter the description of the unlawful act.

Step 2 – The landlord will need to sign the document at the bottom of the form and send to the tenant in one of the following options:

  • In person;
  • Give to someone on the premises that is of age legal by the State;
  • Send via Certified Mail

The tenant will have to remove themselves from the property within the number of days stated or face a legal eviction.