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Louisiana 5-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

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Louisiana 5-Day Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

Updated July 18, 2023

A Louisiana 5 Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) is a letter used in the event a tenant fails to pay rent on the day it’s due. The day after the due date, the landlord can issue this notice to quit form and serve it to the tenant. The tenant will then have no less than 5 days to either pay rent in full or move out of the premises. However, the landlord does not need to give the tenant a chance to pay back their rent. They can simply issue a notice to vacate the property at the close of the 5 days without an option to cure.

Delivering the notice should be done as stated by the law which states that a landlord must serve the tenant personally at their address. If the whereabouts of the tenant is unknown, the notice shall be attached to the tenant’s door.

LawsC.C.P. Art. 4701

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