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Louisiana Lease Termination Letter (Notice to Vacate) | 10-Day Notice

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Louisiana Lease Termination Letter (Notice to Vacate) | 10-Day Notice

Updated August 07, 2023

A Louisiana Termination Lease Letter is a required document that shall satisfy Louisiana Civil Codes if used properly. In any month-to-month agreement (whether residential or non-residential) Louisiana Civil Code 2728 will seek to prevent a party who has had such an agreement terminated from going through undue hardship by requiring that ten (10) days’ notice must be issued and received by the party said amount of days.

Typically, there are two parties directly involved in the use of this form letter: the landlord and the tenant. When any type of lease agreement is terminated there will usually be a security deposit involved. It should be noted that in this state the security deposit must be received by the tenant within thirty days of the move-out. If not there must be an accounting and an explanation for any portion that is retained for damages.

It is therefore important, for both parties wishing to be compliant with the law, the tenant use a reliable address when reporting where this deposit is to be mailed for the landlord to fulfill his/her obligations.

Laws – C.C. Art. 2728