Louisiana Month to Month Rental Agreement Form

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The Louisiana Rental Month to Month Rental Agreement Form is reliable method to solidify an agreement between a landlord and a tenant. This type of lease is unique in its ability to give a flexibility to a residential rental agreement while still retaining the power of a lease or contract. That is, unlike a fixed term lease, there is a definable start date but no true termination date. This rental agreement exists at the will of both parties allowing either to terminate at any time.

The freedom to terminate can be useful for a variety of individuals and beneficial to all involved. This being said, there is also a consideration to be made. After all, this is a significant exchange of money and the control over a property is involved. In such a contract, a sudden departure by either party may have a drastic effect on one’s finances or life. Happily, Louisiana State civil codes remedy this situation by providing Civil Code 2728 requiring a terminating party to provide ten (10) days’ notice before the next payment date. This consideration may enable the remaining party to find a replacement with a reasonable amount of effort.

When reviewing this lease form, make sure to pay close attention to all disclosures and conditions regarding the property as well as the responsibilities and entitlements of each party. Once a signature is provided, it will be binding in a Louisiana State court.

Minimum Termination Period – Ten (10) days

Laws – Civil Code 2728

How to Write

Step 1 – The first paragraph will seek to assign roles to the individuals involved in this agreement, the sums involved, the address of the property, and the penalties involved for a nonpayment breach of contract. This information should be entered on the blank lines in this order: full name of the Landlord, full name of the Tenant, the dollar amount required for the first month’s rent, the address of the premises being rented, the monthly rent the tenant must pay to be in compliance with this agreement, and the calendar day of the month where non-payment will result in a penalty fee.

Step 2 – The next section requiring information is section 8. This requires the number of family members allowed to live with the tenant to be defined on the first blank line. The following blank lines should have each name of the family members allowed to live with the tenant written out.

Step 3 – The tenant must initial the bottom of this page.

Step 4 – Next, locate section 13 then, on the blank line provided, write out the address where the rent should be submitted.

Step 5 – Section 14 shall require that any additional conditions or disclosures to be noted. Any condition or disclosure that is to be associated or part of this agreement should be noted here if it has not been mentioned previously. If there is not enough room, then compose a separate document with this information, title it, date and sign it (both parties should sign). Attach said document then name the title in this section.

Step 6 – The bottom of the page will require that each party provide the date they are entering the agreement, his/her signature, his/her printed name, and the date of his/her signature.