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Warning Letter to Tenants for Smoking Marijuana

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Warning Letter to Tenants for Smoking Marijuana

Updated October 11, 2023

A warning letter to tenants for smoking marijuana gives notice to a tenant that they cannot smoke marijuana. This is an informal letter to inform the tenant about the rules of the property. It is not an eviction notice.

States Where Marijuana is Legal

Use the Smoke-Free.org National Map to see if marijuana use is legal in the State where the property is located.

Sample Letter



Date: [DATE]



As your landlord, I have noticed a very strong odor inside your Premises related to the usage of marijuana-related products.

Property Address: [ADDRESS] (“Premises”)

As you may know, it is strictly prohibited to: (check all that apply)

– Smoke on the Premises.

– Vape on the Premises.

Due to the potential for property damage and the danger of secondhand smoke, we kindly request that you quit this habit while on the Premises.

Please be advised that your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Please contact me if you should have any questions regarding this matter at any of the following options:

E-Mail: [E-MAIL]

Phone: [PHONE]



Sample Clause

Add to any rental contract to prohibit any act of smoking on the premises:

No Smoking. Neither the Tenant, guests, nor any other person shall be allowed to smoke within the dwelling or on the Premises. Tenant agrees to refrain from burning candles or incense, and the use of electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizer, or electronic nicotine delivery system inside the Premises. Any violation shall be deemed a material violation of this Agreement. Tenant understands that smoke from any substance will be considered damage. Damage includes but is not limited to deodorizing, repairing, or replacement of carpet, wax removal, additional paint preparation, replacing of drapes/blinds, countertops, or any other surface damaged due to burn marks and/or smoke damage. Tenant agrees to pay the cost to ionize the Premises to remove all unwanted odors.

Is Vaping Considered Smoking?

Vaping omits secondhand smoke that is unhealthy to the persons around them. Therefore, if smoking is not allowed in a rental contract, then neither is vaping.

CDC Map – Use to find which States outright ban e-cigarettes (vaping) as part of its Smokefree Indoor Air Laws.