Missouri Notice to Quit Form | Non-Payment of Rent

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Updated June 29, 2022

A Missouri Notice to Quit (Non-Payment), also known as a Written Demand for Rent, is a document used by landlords to inform a tenant about their failure to pay rent in a timely manner. In accordance with state law, landlords are legally required to give notice about late rent before advancing to court. However, Missouri does not give landlords or tenants a specific timeframe for payment, therefore, landlords may seek an eviction from the court as soon as the demand has been delivered and payment has not been made.

It is recommended that landlords allow the tenant 3 to 5 days to pay rent, which is common in other states. If the tenant refuses to pay, the landlord may then file “a rent and possession lawsuit” in court. In addition, the lease should be consulted in order to ensure it does not contain a grace period before it may be terminated for nonpayment of rent.

LawsV.A.M.S. 535.060

How to Write

Complete the Demand for Payment form by entering information in the required blank fields which are highlighted in blue if completing via computer and sign.

Step 1 – Enter the County in which the tenant’s residence resides.

Step 2 – State the tenant’s name and address. Must write any and all tenants stated on the lease agreement.

Step 3 – The first paragraph is asking for the amount owed by the tenant and the address where the tenant is late on rent.

Step 4 – State the number of days you, the landlord, are willing to give the tenant in order to pay rent and specify the date.

Step 5 – Landlord must give their name, phone number and contact address on the last 4 blank lines before the Certificate of Service

Step 6 – The landlord must be able to show proof in the future that delivery of the Demand for Rent was successfully served, therefore complete the Certificate of Service after delivery has been made.