Tennessee 3-Day Notice to Quit Form | Illegal Behavior

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The Tennessee 3-Day Notice to Quit (Illegal Behavior) can be used to notify a tenant of the landlord’s wish to terminate the rental agreement within three (3) days from the date written notice is given to the tenant. Any of the following acts by a tenant may legitimize a landlord to serve this notice:

  • Intentionally or willfully commits a violent act;
  • Behavioral activity threatens the health and safety or welfare of the life or property of other tenants or persons; and
  • Creates a condition on the property that affects the welfare of themselves or other tenants by being hazardous or unsanitary.

Laws§ 66-28-517

How to Write

When a blank field is seen (marked in blue when filling on your computer, enter the following information appropriately:

  • Creation date
  • Name of all occupants including subtenants and the rental unit’s address
  • The violation (act) conducted on the premises by the tenant
  • Exact location of the tenant’s address including the street, city, state, zip code and apartment number
  • Landlord’s/Owner’s/Agent’s signature and phone number
  • Date signed and delivered to tenant