Tennessee Immediate Notice to Quit Form | Substance or Prostitution

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Updated June 01, 2022

A Tennessee immediate notice to quit (prostitution or drug violations) is a written notice a landlord delivers to a tenant who has engaged in solicitation, pimping or other forms of prostitution, or use or distribution of drugs in or around the rental unit. This is the most serious of all notices as it does not give the tenant the ability to remedy the situation and the landlord can require the tenant to immediately vacate the premises after receiving notice by obtaining a detainer warrant.

LawsT. C. A. § 66-7-107(a)

How to Write

This forms details to the tenant that if they choose to stay in the rental unit past the date to vacate, the landlord may seek to enforce a forcible entry and detainer, which must be acquired in court at the tenant’s defense, if present. Any money given to the landlord after notice will not constitute as rent but looked at as money for occupancy. The landlord must enter the following information in order to complete the form:

  • Date
  • Name of all tenants and the address at which the rental unit is located
  • Act conducted on the property
  • Address of the property, including an apartment number if applicable
  • Landlord’s signature and phone number
  • Date signed