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Texas 3-Day Notice to Quit Form | All Violations

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Updated June 01, 2022

A 3-day Texas notice to quit form is used by a landlord to inform a tenant that they are in violation of the lease. The two (2) types are non-compliance and the non-payment of rent. The three (3) days provides a time-frame for the tenant to decide whether to cure the issue, by paying rent or correcting the non-compliance, or  be forced to leave the premises at the end of the notice period (according to Section 24.005)

Notices By State

3-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment of Rent) – The tenant has three (3) days to either pay or vacate from the property. The landlord may ask for all back-rent plus any late fees (late fees cannot start until after the first (1st) full day).

3-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance) – The tenant must either move-out or correct the issue marked in the notice to quit. If the tenant decides to correct the non-compliance they must notify the landlord to request an inspection (if damage or repair needed). If the tenant decides to not correct the issue they may vacate the property, although the landlord may still make the tenant financially liable for the rest of the lease.

How to Give Notice

Either notice may be given to the tenant the day after the violation has been found. The landlord must fill-in and complete the document and send to the tenant in one (1) of the following ways:

  1. Delivering a true copy to the tenant in person. Make sure the tenant signs the form afterwards and have a copy for both landlord and tenant.
  2. If the landlord attempted to deliver the notice and anyone over the age of sixteen (16) answered the door they may be able to accept on the tenant’s account. It is recommended, although not required, to also have a copy sent to the tenant.
  3. Post a copy to the premises. It is recommended, and again not required, to send a copy in the mail if this option is selected.

The notice period starts when the tenant is notified and they shall have their three (3) days to pay in-full or correct the violation and have the lease be back in compliance.