Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit Form | Illegal Activity

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Updated June 28, 2022

A Washington three (3) day notice to quit is a legal document that is utilized by a landlord/owner/property manager to instruct tenants to vacate the rental premises within three (3) days due to a breach of the lease agreement. This is served when tenants have engaged in actions that could be could be considered dangerous to the health and safety of other residents and/or the property.

The document must be completed by the landlord and delivered as immediately as possible to avoid further safety hazards to persons and/or property. As well, immediate written contact must be made to remain in compliance with Washington Law.

Laws – RCW 59.12.030(5)

How to Write

Step 1 – Notice to Tenant(s) – Complete the following:

  • The name of the primary tenant as listed on the lease
  • Enter the complete address of the premises to be vacated

Step 2 – Tenant(s) Notification –

  • The landlord must enter the date in paragraph two (2) of the document in mm/dd/yyyy so that the tenant(s) may be clear as to the time they have to vacate the premises

Step 3 – Tenant(s) Violation – Enter:

  • The landlord must enter a brief description of the violation of the lease, that’s led to the immediate need for the tenants to promptly vacate the premises

Step 4 – Date the Document – The landlord must provide the date of the execution of the document as follows:

  • Enter the City of the offices of the landlords
  • Provide the date in dd/mm/yyyy format

Step 5 – Signatures –

  • This document must be signed by the owner and/or Agent who manages the property
  • Enter the office address
  • Provide a telephone number for the owner and/or agent