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West Virginia Immediate Notice to Quit Form

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West Virginia Immediate Notice to Quit Form

Updated July 18, 2023

A West Virginia immediate notice to quit (non-payment/non-compliance/illegal activity) is a form that notifies a tenant of a landlord’s intention to remove the tenant from their property for wrongfully occupying the premises. The notice shall inform the tenant that any defense to the petition must be submitted in writing to the landlord within 5 days of receipt by the tenant of the notice.

For this notice to be legal under law, it must contain the following information:

  • The owner of the rental property has a right to recover possession
  • A description of the property in order to identify it
  • A summary which describes how the tenant is wrongfully occupying the premises – could be for the non-payment of rent, breached a provision in the lease agreement, or deliberately or negligently damaged the property

LawsW. Va. Code, § 55-3A-1