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Artist Invoice Template

Artist Invoice Template

Updated March 24, 2023

An artist invoice is a document, also referred to as an “Artist Bill of Sale,” that is used to prove the sale and transfer of ownership of any piece of art or hours spent creating a piece of art once a commissioned project has been completed or when a piece of art (painting, sculptures etc.) has been purchased in a venue or directly from the artist.

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When to use an Artist Invoice

An Artist Invoice should be utilized to provide evidence of purchase and payment between two individuals. An Invoice provides documentation that a transaction has taken place between the buyer and the Artist and payment in full has been received in regards to the Art. An Artist Invoice can be utilized for paintings, photographic art, sculptures, etc. in addition to providing an estimate for custom pieces a buyer may request.

Elements of an Artist Invoice

An effective Artist Invoice should be inclusive of:

  • Invoice number
  • The date of sale in regards to the artwork.
  • The buyers first and last name.
  • Artist and Buyer contact information (phone, cell phone, email, address, etc.)
  • A description of the piece being sold – if selling multiple pieces, each piece should be listed and described separately.
  • The requested or acceptable payment type(s) and invoice amount, to include work hours of artist, applicable taxes and other charges as appropriate. Guidelines should be provided if payment is expected in full and upfront prior to delivery or if payment is acceptable through a payment plan.
  • The type of payment received and amount received.
  • Any reproduction and copyright rights or additional terms and conditions that must be met in order for the buyer to acquire the piece.
  • Certificate of Authenticity from the Artist.
  • Special instructions for the care of artwork.
  • Includes a small image of the piece provided
  • Signature of the buyer acknowledging details and guidelines of the invoice.
  • Signature of the Artist advising acknowledging the sale of the Artwork.

Invoices can vary as required by local state law, legal counsel should be advised if unsure of the legality of the invoice.

I’ve completed, signed, and delivered to buyer, now what?

Once the form has been acquired and the piece has been delivered to the buyer, the Artist should ensure payment in full has been received. If payment has been received the Artist should retain a copy of the invoice record for future tax purposes and file away securely.

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