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Dental School Letter of Intent Template

Dental School Letter of Intent Template

Updated July 21, 2023

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A dental school letter of intent is a brief statement an individual can use to express interest in attending a particular dental school. Basically, a dental school LOI is the same type of letter as a medical school LOI; the differences are that the former is used mainly as a means of getting off a waitlist, can often be shorter in length, and will, of course, be aimed towards acceptance to the field of dentistry specifically.

A dental school applicant stressed about being accepted into a particular school of dentistry can write a letter of intent that lets the school know that their institution is their number one choice. The applicant should also include the following: thanks for consideration; updates on new developments (classes, activities, clubs, volunteer and/or paid work); weaknesses and how to address them; any contact with current students/faculty/alumni with positive things to say about the school; and double down on thank yous and comment re top choice.

Dental School Letter of Intent – Sample

May 20, 2019

Dear UAB School of Dentistry Admissions Committee,

I want to first thank you for considering me for a place at the School of Dentistry at the University of Alabama. I feel very privileged to even be recognized as a potential candidate. I’m hoping that I can convince the committee to take me off the waitlist and accept my application for enrollment in the fall.

For the better part of the last year, I’ve been focusing on giving my time to organizations that help the community as a whole. I have discovered that there is a lack of information and guidance surrounding free dental clinics in the county; this was a problem that I thought needed addressing. I decided to learn about each free clinic within the county and find a way to get their information and locations out to the individuals that would benefit from them most, i.e., the uninsured. With online and printed resources, I was able to increase the number of visits to all clinics by 10%, some clinics almost 20%. This was achieved through the creation of a central online portal for clinics within a specified radius as well as a mail campaign targeted towards uninsured individuals who don’t have a family dentist. It’s my wish to help my community and any community I’m a part of while attending UAB, and continue to volunteer in a similar capacity after graduation.

My DAT score was among the top percentile so I can only imagine that I wasn’t able to fully convey my the strengths and qualifications when interviewing for a spot at your esteemed institution. I want the committee to know that if I receive an admittance letter from UAB, I will accept without hesitation. UAB is my number one choice and I know that my tenacity and dedication to the field of dentistry will not go unnoticed, and will only ameliorate the fine reputation that this school of dentistry currently has.

I would be happy to provide any other information or verification of volunteer achievements if necessary. Thank you again for your consideration.


Delaney Schofield
(518) 934-5774