Teacher’s Aide Letter of Intent – For a Position

Updated December 28, 2022

A teacher’s aide letter of intent is a written letter sent by a teacher’s aide to offer their services to a school. This type of letter is different from a cover letter in that conveys interest in a particular position at a school that has not yet been advertised publicly. Some teacher’s aides may have their eye on a specific school, or even a specific class, that they believe would be a pleasant work environment.

A letter of intent informs the principal (or individual in charge or hiring assistants) that the aide is eager to work for their school and would accept a position without hesitation. A teacher’s aide letter of intent introduces the applicant, describes their qualifications and suitability for the position, expresses why they are interested in working at the school and/or class in question, and closes with an interview inquiry and a thank-you note.

What is a Teacher’s Aide?

A teacher’s aide, or teacher’s assistant, provides support to teachers in a classroom setting. Tasks appointed to a teacher’s aide include one-on-one instruction with students, clerical work, preparing exercises and other material, and giving the teacher their opinion on the students’ performance. Furthermore, an aide can be of great assistance during field trips and other excursions in helping manage the class.

It’s typical for teacher’s aides to have two years of college or more and some may have even earned an associate’s degree. Teacher’s aides are mostly found in a classroom of young students – preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school – but some work in high schools as well.

How Much Does a Teacher’s Aide Make?

The median salary for a teacher’s aide is $26,970/year.

Teacher’s Aide Letter of Intent – Sample

Shae O’Toole
100 Lakeview Rd.
Hartford, CT, 06142
(860) 777-5232

October 24, 2019

Mrs. Alison Beaufield, Principal
James Dean Elementary School
1200 Maple Ave.
Hartford, CT, 06225
(860) 202-0988

Dear Mrs. Alison,

I am a teacher’s aide living in Hartford and I am very interested in working at James Dean Elementary. I’m not sure if you have any openings but I wanted to pass along my interest to work in any classroom that you think could use my expertise.

I moved to Boston to earn my associate’s degree from Bay State College. Once I moved back to Hartford, I was hired at the first job I applied for at Trinity Elementary.

I worked in Ms. Avery Winslow’s class of first-graders at Trinity and demonstrated an instinct for working with children. I am versed in working with students of varying levels of attention-span and abilities, and I am adept at assessing student development. Ms. Winslow will confirm that I create a warm, caring, safe environment for kids and they are very responsive to my methods of instruction. I spent three semesters working at Trinity until they had to let a number of assistants go due to cut-backs.

While my history as a teacher’s assistant is short, you’ll hear only positive reviews from Ms. Winslow and Mr. Brown, the principal at Trinity. I believe I would be very well-suited to any class at James Dean and would welcome the opportunity for an interview. Contact me anytime at (860) 777-5232 if you have any questions. And thank you for your consideration. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


Shae O’toole