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Alaska Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Alaska Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated August 02, 2023

An Alaska real estate agent listing agreement is a contract made between a party that is seeking to sell real estate and an agent. The client and agent will typically negotiate the terms of the agreement with the two main items being the commission rate (%) and the term the agent will have to find their client a suitable buyer. The commission, in most cases, is between 4% to 8% depending on the market area and the type of property being sold. In addition, the longer the agent has to produce a transaction, the better he or she has at collecting a commission. Therefore, the agent will usually strive to have the longest period possible which is usually twelve (12) months.

Consumer Disclosure (AS 08.88.600) – Required to be completed at the time of listing agreement signing in accordance with the laws by the Alaska Real Estate Commission.

Disclosed Dual Agency – Alaska allows for agents to act as a “neutral agent” by having both buyer and seller authorize Form 08-4212 (AS 08.88.610).

Laws (AS 08.88.341) – All Alaska listing agreements must be in writing.

Residential Property Disclosure Statement (AS 34.70.010) – Required to be completed and given to a buyer before an offer may be made on the property. Therefore, it’s recommended to have the seller complete this form at the time of signing the listing agreement.

Search a Licensee – Use to ensure that the agent is licensed to practice.


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