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Alabama Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Alabama Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated February 01, 2024

An Alabama listing agreement is intended for licensed real estate agents seeking to assist in the buying, selling, or leasing of commercial or residential property. The agent is commonly paid a commission which is the percentage of the sales price at the time of closing. The agreement typically lasts for a period of 6 to 12 months with an extension of an additional 6 months if any buyer that was brought to the seller ends up purchasing the property. The real estate agent is usually paid at the time of closing when the transaction is complete and the deed is successfully recorded.

Consumer Information Booklet (§ 34-27-82(c)) – Required to be signed by the client in Alabama and should be attached to the listing agreement.

Dual Agency (§ 34-27-81(8)) – Legal in Alabama.

Property Disclosure Statement – The seller is not legally obligated to complete. Although, it’s highly recommended as a sign of “good faith” to any prospective buyer.

Search a Licensee – Use the Alabama Real Estate Commission website to verify a licensee.


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