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Connecticut Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Connecticut Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated December 28, 2022

A Connecticut real estate agent listing agreement is standard paperwork used by a property owner after accepting representation by an agent in a real estate transaction. In some cases, both the seller and buyer will be represented by the same agent (referred to as a “dual agency”). The agreement will describe the type of listing (e.g., exclusive, open), listing price, effective agreement date, agreement termination date, selling conditions established by the owner, and the agent’s compensation. For the most commonly used “exclusive right to sell” listing agreement, the agent will be the sole individual entitled to a commission from the sale of the property.

Agency Disclosure Notice (§ 20-325d) – Describes the nature of the client-agent relationship in detail. The notice must be signed by the potential client at the first meeting of both parties unless another licensee already represents the individual.

Dual Agency (§ 20-325g & § 20-325d-2(i)) – Legal in Connecticut. The client must sign the Dual Agency / Designated Agency Disclosure Notice and Consent Agreement if it’s to occur.

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 20-327b) – Must be completed by the seller and delivered to the prospective buyer before executing a purchase contract.

Search a Licensee – Investigate an agent’s licensee information by searching the Connecticut licensee database.