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Hawaii Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Hawaii Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated December 28, 2022

A Hawaii real estate agent listing agreement is a contract stating that an agent has agreed to work for a property owner to sell their commercial or residential property on their behalf. The agreement will endure for a specified amount of time noted in the contract as the effective and expiration dates. Agents will be compensated for their services in the form of a commission rate (based on a percentage of the final sales price) or as a flat fee. Additional terms and conditions will be addressed in the contract such as the listing type, advertising strategies, termination procedures, and the holdover period (if any).

Agency Disclosure Form – Not required.

Dual Agency (§ 16-99-3.1(g)) – Legal in Hawaii. The agent will need to provide each party with a written disclosure informing them of the type of representation established under dual agency. The disclosure must then be signed by both the buyer and seller to indicate their consent.

Property Disclosure Statement (§ 508D-5) – Sellers must complete this condition report and provide it to buyers within ten (10) calendar days after signing a real estate purchase contract.

Search a Licensee – This search function allows users to look up the license information of real estate agents in Hawaii.