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Iowa Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

An Iowa real estate agent listing agreement initiates a professional relationship between a property owner selling a piece of real estate and their agent. The seller grants the agent the right to manage the real estate transaction by signing the agreement.
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Agency Disclosure

A document identifying the party, or parties, that will be represented by the agent in the real estate transaction. The agency disclosure must be signed by the agent and client(s) before making or signing a purchase agreement.[1]

Dual Agency

Legal in Iowa. An agent may act as a dual agent if they have a written company policy that includes a dual agency provision and if the agent obtains the written permission of each party involved in the transaction.[2]

Property Disclosure Statement

Sellers of residential property must fill out this disclosure to report the material condition of their property. The disclosure must be completed by the seller and presented to interested buyers prior to making or accepting a written offer to purchase.[3][4]

Search a Licensee

Verify an Iowa real estate agent’s status by searching for their information on the Professional Licensing webpage.