Louisiana Buyer Agency Agreement

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Updated March 31, 2022

A Louisiana buyer agency agreement is a contract created by a real estate brokerage to propose certain terms and conditions to a potential client (buyer) in regard to an agency relationship. When a buyer is looking for property to purchase, an agency can help them find properties to their liking, communicate with sellers and other agents, and negotiate a sale price. The agency agreement will include the compensation that is to be awarded to the agent from the sale of a piece of property (in some cases they are awarded compensation at the end of the agreement regardless of whether a property was purchased).


Agency Disclosure (§ 3703) – Agents must provide either the Agency Disclosure Form or the Agency Disclosure Pamphlet to all parties to a real estate transaction before representation can occur.

Dual Agency Disclosure Form (§ 3705 & § 9-3897) – Agents who plan on representing both buyer and seller in a real estate transaction must provide this disclosure form to be signed by both parties before representation.

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