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Louisiana Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Louisiana Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated January 02, 2024

A Louisiana real estate listing agreement is used by a licensed agent upon agreeing to sell a client’s residential or commercial property. The agreement declares that the seller has given the agent permission to list the property for sale on the open market. Outlined in the document will be a period during which the agent must find a buyer to purchase the property at the sales price determined by the seller. The seller may also establish other terms and conditions to be satisfied by the buyer before accepting an offer to purchase. Additionally, the document will address the commission afforded to the agent upon selling the property (usually provided as a percentage of the overall sales price).

Agency Disclosure Form (§ 3703) – All parties involved in the sale or lease of real estate must sign either this document or an Agency Disclosure Pamphlet. The agent shall retain a copy of the disclosure for five (5) years.

Dual Agency Disclosure Form (§ 3705 & § 9-3897) – Required when the agent represents both the buyer and seller. Once signed, the disclosure should be kept by the agent for five (5) years.

Residential Property Disclosure Statement (§ 9:3198) – Sellers are obligated to provide potential buyers with this document before accepting an offer to purchase.

Search a Licensee – Use this option to search for a licensed agent operating in Louisiana.

Other – Listing Agreement Versions

Louisiana Real Estate Commission VersionPDF

New Orleans Metro Association of Realtors (Revised 07/2016)

Proeducate.com’s VersionPDF