Massachusetts Buyer Agency Agreement

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Updated March 31, 2022

A Massachusetts buyer agency agreement is a legal contract presented to a potential client (buyer of real estate) with the intent of establishing terms and conditions of an agency relationship. The brokerage will assign an agent to the buyer who will help them look for properties to purchase within the parameters outlined by the client. The agreement will contain a list of services provided by the agent such as contacting listings, negotiating prices, and communicating with other realtors. The contract will also include the amount of compensation they are to receive either upon closing of a sale or upon the termination of the agreement.


Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure (112 § 87AAA3/4) – This disclosure form must be provided to any potential client at the first meeting between the parties before an agent can present a contract or represent them in a real estate transaction.

Dual Agency Consent Form (112 § 87AAA3/4) – Dual agency is legal in Massachusetts as long as the real estate agent obtains written consent from all parties involved.

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