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Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

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Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Listing Agreement

Updated August 02, 2023

A Massachusetts real estate agent listing agreement is a document that sets forth the terms of the relationship between a real estate broker and a buyer or seller of property. The contract outlines each party’s rights and obligations in regard to a real estate transaction (the selling or buying of a home). By signing a listing agreement, the agent is bound by the terms therein and must act with the client’s best interests in mind. A real estate agent is hired for the purposes of negotiating a fair deal for their client (also known as a principal), and works on a commission-based salary (or sometimes a flat fee). The average commission for agents involved in the selling of property (i.e., the total commission split between all agents involved in the transaction) will amount to 4% – 6% of the selling price.

Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure (112 § 87AAA3/4) – Massachusetts Real Estate Law requires all real estate licensees to present consumers with the Consumer Relationship Disclosure Form.

Dual Agency (112 § 87AAA3/4) – Legal in Massachusetts; requires written consent from prospective purchasers and sellers.

Seller’s Statement of Property Condition (111 § 197A) – Not required by law, but it is common practice to provide potential buyers this disclosure statement at the time of the sale.

Search a Licensee – Use the Commonwealth of Massachusetts eLicensing portal to see if a business or individual has a valid license or permit.

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